Community Projects

Engreeneers are initiating series of community projects to better enable individuals striving for a more sustainable future. You can contact us for getting involved or stay tuned for more information on projects as they evolve.

First Project

Keep the posters out

Fabric posters for conferences and workshops are popular alternatives to paper posters. They are easy to carry, washable and durable. However, they are not recycling unlike the paper ones and this is adding a load to landfill waste as these posters are gaining popularity.

Engreeneers are using these fabric posters to make items that can be used for a long time in households and donating them to those in need.

We make change mats and reusable nappy bags or shopping bags and gift them to families in need. If you are interested to donate your fabric posters to this project, please contact us.

We also fuse plastic bags for this project to use instead of the posters as posters are few and far to come across, so if you have a clothing iron that you don’t want, please contact us.

If you want to sponsor this project, specially with fabrics for the change mats, please contact us.

Second Project

Join us to get rid of all those small bodysuits, reusable nappies or toys that our kids no longer want or need and instead get something more age appropriate for them. This is the place to swap second hand baby stuff for free. It is your to go place for all baby gear swap in Melbourne. As a new Mom of one, I felt like I have to spend a lot of time making ads on various pages to get rid of my small baby clothing and second hand baby stuff in Melbourne so I thought of making one place for everything baby related and where you don’t have to pay to get what you need. Instead just swap it. There must be someone out there that might need what I own and someone else that owns what I need so why not swap our second hand baby stuff that are no longer needed by our family and free up some room for useful stuff. The membership is for free and required to see what there is out there. You can also join as a MomySwaper and run a Swapping Party for all of the parents in your area to get together and swap under one roof at once.