We launched a new community project – MomySwaps.com

I am quite excited and busy at the same time. On Sunday night we launched a new community project, MomySwaps.com . It is a website where new parents (or any parent really) can swap baby stuff that they no longer need and get those that they need now for free.

As a new Mom, or new-ish as my daughter is now 15 month, I have a lot of used and new clothing, toys and stuff in general that I don’t know what to do with. I have donated quite a lot of them, tried to sell some of the new ones with not much success, so I am left with this urge that I want these stuff to get used and I don’t want to add to landfill or any waste (sometimes this include donation as charities receive so much stuff that they can’t even handle). So I started this new website, where you can give what you have, new/used, to someone that wants it for free. Instead get something from them for free or get something from someone else that you do need for free.

You might say, oh I have a very expensive piece of clothing and I won’t just swap it with any grubby thing. Well the idea here is not financial gain is to reduce waste and increase the useful life of your item. The “very expensive piece of clothing” that you have worth nothing to you as you can’t use it. The ” grubby thing” might be worth even more if you need it now. So don’t think financial here, think necessity and zero waste.

Based on my research this is the first time something like this is available, at least in Melbourne. And I hope people find it useful.

There is of course Gumtree for selling and buying your items but it takes for ever to find what you need and sell (if you manage to sell) what you own. Also there is always some money exchanged and you might end up spending more than you earned. In MomySwaps you don’t exchange with money. If you find a match for your item and they have what you want as well. Perfect, catch up and swap your items. If they don’t, you get a MomySwaps credit and when you find what you need, you can use the credit to get it. Again it doesn’t matter how much in dollar the swapping worth, they all are equal in the eye of the MomySwaps.com 😉

So on the Swap page you can see what there is out there and then request it. When you are match with an item you and the owner will both receive an email and get connected so you can meet up and get swapping.

The stuff are categorised into three rough groups, Clothing and Shoes, Toys and developmental gear and Everything else.

Clothing and Shoes is the first category because, we all get inundated with clothing that our babies grow out of or never get a chance to wear as they were too small to begin with. So here you can clear your storage of all of them and instead get clothing that your kids can wear now or in the near future.

Toys and developmental gear is the second group. Toys are meant for a specific age to challenge your child and entertain them at the same time. If there are toys lying around your house that your baby doesn’t even look at any more or there are those that are not apt enough for their developmental stage, then let’s swap them for something more age appropriate. Just make sure it’s not your child’s favourite teddy bear 😉

Everything else includes anything like the bathtub that is too small now, the pram that you no longer need or even your maternity clothing that you can’t wear any more, everything baby related that doesn’t come under the other two categories is listed here. It is perfect as you can easily use this category to de-cluttered quite a bit. It is the dream for all the de-cluttering junkies out there 😉

So let me know what you think, I am quite excited to know your honest opinion. As it is the first stage there is a lot to do and the site is not perfect by any stretch of imagination but we can use any help to make it work. Fingers crossed.






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