My Zero Waste Baby Shower

Did I tell you about my baby shower. Well it was a waste free one, you know how? Instead of invitation, we send everyone an email and attached following to it:

I am delighted to share this momentous event of our lives with you. As you probably know by now, we are expecting a new princess joining our small but loving family.
My lovely friend, who is sending you this email, was so sweet to organise a baby shower for me. I am super excited to see you all there.

As most of you know, I promote zero waste life style and I can’t live mine without heeding to my own advice. So we are having a waste free baby shower. Don’t fear, it is super easy, we are just ditching anything unnecessary and unessential and thinking of alternatives before making decision on what to buy, what to prepare and how to throw the party.
For instance, we are cooking most of the food at home and using sustainable biodegradable party supply, avoiding wrapping paper, plastic covers and plastic bags; and anything with a short useful life, like flowers, and long landfill life like packaging. We also encourage you to avoid toxic materials, like most of plastic materials. Hope you are on board with our waste free party.

As you see, we already started being waste free with this invitation.
See you there
That was it and almost all were super cooperative and supportive. What do you think, can you do something similar for your next party?

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