No Spend Month Challenge

I started a no spend month on 15 August 2018. So far I have not spend on anything but food (from market), petrol and rent.

The idea of this challenge is to make a month without spending on wants or non-essentials and see how much you can save or how much you can achieve by not spending. My goal is to practice and prepare for a No Spend Year.

I have been practising a minimal waste, frugal lifestyle and non-consumer mindset for a while now and if you are a subscriber you probably are following my journey for one of these themes. But these are more than themes for me, they are my lifestyle now and everyday I grow much more comfortable with them.

I have to admit, the first day I told my hubby that I want to do a No Spend Month (NSM), he was supportive but it seemed like the whole universe is trying to stop me as things start manifesting themselves as necessary and ads were popping up in front of my eyes. Everyone was trying to derail me from my goal but I persevered and kept thinking about the end, the goal, the bigger picture and my long term plan.

Moreover, NSM is about learning that there are other ways to do things. There are many ways to have fun and entertain yourselves and your kids than buying your way through to activities and places. You can try free events and activities. We went to Melbourne Museum, parks, NGV, went for a walk or visited friends. We tried to avoid eating out or left it for special occasions instead of every other night or all weekends. We tried to get creative and make things at home and keep ourselves entertained.

NSM also make you spend more time with your loved ones. They are there and chances are either they are free (I mean their time ;)) or they are doing something that requires spending money. So you can both avoid spending by just hanging out and having a cuppa tea 🙂

I work in University of Melbourne (UoM) and we love Acronyms in the UoM, so if I keep using NSM it is just a habit, believe me, I am not trying to start a trend.

I still have good portion of the month ahead of me but I hope I stay positive, inspired and motivated to see this through. On top of NSM, I am keeping at my usual reduction routine, chucking things out (donation), giving away to friends and colleagues or selling what I can. Even though, according to the removalist in our last move, we don’t own much, I feel we can live with much less so reduction help me to get the amount of things in our life down and NSM help me to make sure I don’t bring any more in 🙂 Match made in heaven, isn’t it?

What do you thin about NSM, do you want to join me in this journey and we keep each other motivated 🙂 I send you positive energy to start your journey 🙂

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