Zero Waste Long Haul Flight with a Toddler

So we just came back from an overseas travel and this was the first time flying with a toddler. The last 20 times we flew with our daughter, she was technically an infant and infants sleep a lot so she was mostly sleep or busy breastfeeding. This time she was MOBILE. Walking up and down the aisle in between half sleep travellers and movie watchers. We on the other hand wanted to sleep, and we wanted her to sleep even more but who says we get any choice in here.

When we got out of each of the four planes we travelled on this time, we looked beat, tired, sleep deprived while cursing ourselves for our choice of travel destination. We didn’t look anything like those parents in Youtube channels promoting travelling with toddlers. However,  when I look back at the experience, I realise that we did have some strategies that made our lives a bit easier .

First of those strategies: being prepared in terms of food, snack and milk. Our daughter likes milk_ leche (in Spanish) sheer (in Persian)_ more than anything. She calls it agua, which is water in Spanish 😀 So we went out of the house ready for our first long haul flight with a thermosteel full of milk and a small box of milk for the next leg. We gave her doses of 150-200 ml that ensured we will have enough till the end of our trip and also she’ll stay satisfy at each take.

Second strategy: being prepared with toys and activities. We prepared ourselves quite a few weeks before travelling and bough few inexpensive and new toys that we though will keep her occupied for an hour or so. Some of those were hits and some were misses but overall it was better than not having any specially as she is not interested in cartoons as of yet. These activity bags, or busy bags as some might call it, were life saver in the airport where our flights were super delayed and she ended up playing with them with other kids that made their tired and frustrated parents quite relieved.

Third strategy: this is technically more related to me but I invested in two travel dresses this time (it was in January that I bought them though) that served me quite well. They are nice and pretty and good quality but more importantly they get washed, dried no wrinkle quite quickly and I can wear them 20 different ways. So this hack freed quite a lot of space in our luggage for the baby stuff that made her quite comfortable throughout the trip. Let me know if you want me to write more about these dresses that are my only travel dresses from now on.

We are planning our next trip soon and we’ll be sure to employ all of these strategies and maybe some more for our next ones.

Let me know what are your strategies for travelling zero waste with a toddler or a child in general.