Hands on Workshops

After four years of running sold-out classes on zero waste, we are presenting a series of hands-on workshops to give you practical tools assisting you in your zero waste journey.

These workshops are perfect for you if you want to take your next step in your zero waste journey or you want to spread the culture of sustainability within your organisation/community.

If you have attended the popular First Steps Towards a Zero Waste Household class, you are set to most enjoy these workshop series so jump in and join.  If you haven’t ever heard of our zero waste class before, don’t fear, you can start your journey here and we make sure to bring you up to speed. You can also always come to our next zero waste class or come and learn about the financial benefits of zero waste in Happy and Wealthy with Frugality.

Engreeneers provides %10 discount on the workshop rates (excluding material costs) when you book packages of three to five workshop sessions.

Zero Waste Hands-on Workshop Series 

Make your own beeswax wrap (future classes here)

Use organic unrefined Victorian beeswax and a nice piece of 100% cotton fabric and make beeswax wraps to use instead of cling wrap or plastic bag for covering your food and snack (bring any old cotton shirt that you don’t want to up-cycle into a wrap, if you have any laying around).

you get to take home your hand made beeswax wraps to cover your home baked bread, your left over Avo’s and you guessed it anything else that!!!

All equipment is provided.

The venue for these workshops are either in Fitzroy or North Melbourne but we can also run one for you in your location.

Make your own make up (request a future class here)

We use non-toxic, everyday household items to make the make up that is not irritating or harmful to your body.

No need for all that Pb on your lips and all that zinc on your face, make your own make up and put in it what you want and comfortable with, we make lip balm, mascara and eye linear

You get to take home your own mascara, eye linear and lip gloss plus wealth of knowledge to apply to your next make up making experience.

Make your own deodorant and other personal hygiene products toxin free (request a future class here)

Again we are putting chemicals on our body everyday while we can make our own non-toxic deodorant that doesn’t stop you from sweating but kills the bacteria that live off your sweat and emit the unwanted BO!!!

Also we cover making your face moisturiser and face mask.

Make your own home décor (request a future class here)

Dream catchers or dreamy paintings, join us and make your own customised home décor for cheap but full of character and soul.

Make your own perfume (request a future class here)

You don’t have to put on toxic perfumes that you don’t even know what does consist of. Use natural oils and create your own sense and cherish it for ever or change it as you please

Make your own period pad (request a future class here)

A typical woman uses roughly more than 11,000 feminine hygiene products, tampons or pads, in her lifetime. That’s just for ONE FEMALE. That’s a lot of waste in landfill and tons of money out of pocket. Reusable pads last longer, look nicer and feel softer plus protect better. They also don’t contain the toxic chemicals that disposables do so less irritation to your lady parts 😉

You can bring an old T-shirt to up-cycle if you have one laying around.